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Digital and Traditional Illustration

Character, Graphic, Merch Design / Concept


Short Animations


Wacom Intuos 4 Pro medium (tablet)

Paint Tool SAI v. 2.0 (illustration)

CLIP Studio Paint (illustration)

Adobe Illustrator (graphic design)

DesignDoll (3D model program)

Wix (website editor)

Openshot (video editor)

Streamlabs OBS (streaming)

OBS (recording)


I am ANYA MANIA, a freelance digital artist based near Washington, D.C. With over a decade of drawing experience as a hobby and approximately five years professionally, I am self-taught and aspire to collaborate with larger industries and businesses soon. I am pursuing an Associate of Science degree at a community college and plan to transfer to a university for a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

I specialize in illustration and visual design, seamlessly blending modern themes with timeless aesthetics. My skills extend to creating comics, small animations, and website editing. I keenly understand public preferences and excel at creating unique and memorable brands. By thoroughly researching geographic cultures, media, mood boards, palettes, and fonts, I ensure a high-quality product tailored to specific needs.

I am proficient in business and internet culture and am attuned to contemporary trends and effective strategies for engaging the right audience. I take all relevant information into account to deliver refined, high-quality work. Committed to clear and timely communication, I strive to build positive and constructive working relationships. I guarantee my best effort, skills, and a timely turnaround on every project.

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My name is ANYA MANIA. I am a cynical but silly 23-year-old Thai American, demi/sapiosexual, Gemini, INFP-T freelance artist based in the DMV (specifically D.C)! I'm into the early 2000s / Y2K, cyber / mecha, cartoons, blood/gore, and fashion. I enjoy pursuing illustration and pretty much anything concerning visual aesthetics or design. When I'm not drawing, sleeping, or eating, I play video games with friends or watch videos about biology/herpetology/games/sociology! You can catch me during any of my weekly Twitch streams!

I am also a very passionate environmental activistI also absolutely adore all animals, especially misunderstood ones like reptiles. I am majoring in biology and hope to become a naturalist and conservationist.


My everlasting goal is to share my story and creativity with the world, inspiring empathy and compassion, one drawing at a time. I hope to connect with those who typically feel out of place or more comfortable online.

This is a LGBTQIA+ and 420 friendly safe space for all! 

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Ever since I was little (eight-ish), I found escape and pride in drawing. My childhood was most certainly not the easiest to deal with, but art always kept me above water. Around this same time, I also slowly became infatuated with science. One of my greatest passions became animals, and then I got into herpetology (a zoological branch concerning reptiles and amphibians).


In 2021, I got my baby boy ball python and named him Bowser (because of Mario/Super Smash, duh)! He is and has been my emotional support snake and I cherish him deeply. He inspires and amazes many people, which is part of the reason why I got him. Seeing him change so many people's perspectives about snakes is something I could never pay for. That feeling fuels me with a fire to continue educating people about the powerful impact and relationship these animals share with us and how not to be afraid, but curious.

I always behaved quite differently from everyone in my life and seldom found like-minded people, almost like I lived in a unique space between worlds. Due to my introversion, I found my identity and community online with people who share similar interests to me! I always loved watching people play games, so inevitably, I became obsessed with all types of video games and even started streaming myself playing some on Twitch!

I hope you will join me on my journey to making the world a better place to live for everyone!

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