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By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agreeing to the terms of service ahead.

Any terms are subject to change if discussed with the artist (me), which means I am allowed to change my terms based on specific situations.

If you have any additional questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact me at or through my social medias.

You must be 18 years old or older to commission work from me.

My work can include sexual or adult themes. For this reason, I make it a general rule to be of legal age requirement to commission me or consume my artwork. If you are under 18 and want an age-appropriate commission, please contact me to discuss.


 I, the artist, retain all intellectual property rights to the finished artwork and images.

 I, the artist, retain all rights to post, share, publicize or otherwise use the artwork and images created for a commission on any social media and in any other way, shape or form, at my sole and absolute discretion. If you, for any reason, do not want me to post the finished commission and/or progress shots, please contact me to discuss.

 You are highly encouraged to post and share the finished artwork for non-commercial purposes, but all public and private distribution must be properly credited to me, including tags and mentions on all social media platforms and on any permanent or printed publications, or my brand "ANYAMANIA" and website "" if the publication does not allow for clickable links.


 I, the artist, retain all intellectual property rights to characters and concepts.

Characters (i.e. their name, characteristics, general aesthetics, colors and personality traits, along with reference sheets), and other intellectual property and concepts that I created/conceptualized as part of a commission, in addition to the artwork/images themselves, are yours to use for non-commercial purposes, and for future use by other artists (i.e. in the case of reference sheets), but as with the images, proper credit must be given to me for the creation of those concepts and characters.

Concepts or characters you created/conceptualized (prior to engaging my services) and commissioned me to draw are still yours, but the images created of those characters/concepts are mine and are to be credited to me.


 Only the finished product is to be used, posted, etc.

You wouldn't serve a meal half-cooked, so please only use my finished products in posts, sharing or any other form of distribution, public or private. 

If multiple concepts or sketches are provided as a courtesy in the commissioning process, ONLY the one(s) chosen and paid for are to be used or claimed. The concepts or designs that were rejected are not to be used in any way, shape or form, public or private.

If you like more than one of the concepts suggested, we can begin a separate commission for that as well.


You are not allowed to edit, trace, or copy my artwork.

I only condone tracing and copying to the degree that it is used for the intention of your own personal practice and improvement of your own skills, but those images are not to be posted, shared or distributed. 

 Unless specifically discussed and authorized, no editing, recreation or other manipulation of the images I create is permitted. 

I will not be providing the full digital art files, however you may request these for an additional fee. This additional fee is waived for all Patreon subscribers.


Commercial usage, sale or other distribution of the artwork commissioned is prohibited, unless specific authorization is given.

Reselling or otherwise directly profiting off of the artwork purchased is strictly prohibited. If you would like to purchase my artwork to use for your brand or company, or to print or distribute commercially as a product you offer, please discuss this with me. The cost for commercial use is different than personal use, and may vary for each situation.


The artist and commissioner agree to attempt to resolve disputes in good faith, outside of legal means, but legal means may be pursued to collect monetary damages.

 If a dispute arises, you and I agree to attempt to resolve it personally, outside of legal means, to the furthest extent possible, however if no resolution can be reached or if either party becomes unresponsive for a period of 45 days or more, legal means may be pursued to collect a maximum of 3x the disputed value, plus other damages, and legal fees for the prevailing party will be paid by the non-prevailing party.

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1 \ I prefer 100% payment upfront or at sketch approval, but I am open to a 50% deposit upfront and the other 50% after the finished product is done.

You are paying for roughly 1-3 sketches/concepts maximum (unless otherwise discussed), line art, coloring, and possibly rendering/shading. My sketches can begin before or after payment but typically afterwards, unless you are a trusted client or Patreon subscriber. If you decide to pay 100% upfront, you are more likely to have your work finished faster. If you want to negotiate an alternative payment plan than the ones offered, that is available for discussion as well. 

2 \ My main prefered payment methods (respectively) are via Paypal invoice, Cash App, or Venmo.

After you are given a quote, I will ask for your email address to send a Paypal invoice to, or I will send you my username for Cash App or Venmo.

Tips are very much welcomed and are highly considered during the process but not necessary by any means.

3 \Turn around times vary depending on complexity

My commissions can take up to 2-4 weeks to complete. However, a more complicated or complex piece or character (especially if there is a background) could take up to 1-2 months to complete. Specific deadlines or rushed wait times can be arranged with an additional fee. Physical orders like custom stickers or posters may take longer (please allow up to an additional 2-3 weeks) due to shipping. 

4 \ Changes or edits

I like to provide at least 2 sketches to choose from but sometimes I may be satisfied with the first draft and will ask if you want more options after showing you. You are allowed a few (2-3) major edits after you have received your sketches, and one minor edit throughout progress shots but there will be NO more revisions after I have sent the finished product (unless it is crucial or a big mistake).

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING YOUR PRODUCT IS THE WAY YOU WANT WHEN IT IS FINISHED. If you are buying stickers or another physical product, I am not responsible for fixing mistakes after you or I have received them. NSFW and SFW versions are to be mentioned and discussed before payment if you are looking to get two or more different versions of your piece.

5 \ Refunds/Cancellations

If at any point in the commission process you are unable or do not want to continue with your piece, refunds are available. However, how much money you recieve back will depend on the amount of work I have done for you at that point. Refunds will go as follows:

A full refund will only be given if I have not started on the project or if I won't be able to or have not completed your order for more than six months.

70% of the total price will be refunded at sketching phase.

30% of the total price will be refunded at lining phase.

There will be NO refunds past the coloring phase or if the finished product has been sent.

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